Marriage Certificate – Choose a Design Which Fits your Needs

In some jurisdictions marriage certificate is an an official statement proving the lovers legally and officially “married” ...
    Perfect Attendance Award Certificate Template

    Award Certificate for Regular Attendance

    When someone shows up faithfully every day in the way that they are supposed to, such an individual should be commended for what they ...

      Choosing to Create a Marriage Certificate Word Using Editable Certificates

      When someone gets married, that individual makes a commitment to another that is meant to last a lifetime. There are many ways in which ...
        Dancing Ducks Gift Certificate Template

        5+ Best Birthday Gift Certificate Formats for Your Customers

        Finding the perfect gift can be hard for anyone. You can relieve the pressure by providing your customers with a birthday gift ...
          salary slip template at Dotxes

          Free Printable Salary Slip Sample

          Salary slips are one of the most essential things that someone can possess to help them with their business that they own and operate, ...
            Salary Certificate Template in Microsoft Word (

            Salary Certificate Sample

            When issuing an offer to a prospective candidate for a position at your company, it is important to carefully document every part of ...

              Three Stars Award Certificate Template

              Doing something good, is a great feeling by itself. When you continue to do something good it is nice when someone acknowledges that ...

                Certification of Appreciation Templates

                We are offering you many templates one of them are certificate of appreciation templates. Certificate of appreciation templates are ...

                  Award Certificate Templates

                  Award certificates: Award gifts certificates are given to the employee from the company to appreciate their work. Award gift ...
                    Birth Certificate Template

                    Birth Certificate Template

                    Birth certificates are a lovely and practical way to celebrate the beginning of a new life. Births are such bewildering and emotionally ...
                      Salary Certificate Template

                      Salary Certificate Template

                      Why are salary certificates important for a business and its employees? With this document, the employee can keep a faithful record of ...
                        Gift Certificate Template

                        Gift Certificate Template

                        Gift certificates are a great gift, as they can be used for a variety of occasions and recipients. Businesses can create gift ...
                          Degree Certificate Template

                          Degree Certificate Template

                          Actually an academic degree is a proof that a student has clear a specific level of education from a registered university or a ...
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